The Beginning

The beginning is an opportunity to do something. It may be amazing, beautiful, and inspiring. 

It is a chance to do something without striving for perfection while leaving room for change and transformation.

This page has been around for many years. It has been a place to highlight projects I’m working on, used as an online resume, a way of finding clients, and a place to share my hopes. I recently deleted it all to start over. I gave myself a blank slate, a new beginning. Much like an artist does when starting a new masterpiece I feel some pressure. What to put here now? It is so empty.

This space, this emptiness is place where beautiful things can grow. Imagine a garden that the only thing you can see is dirt. You think you will know what it looks like when the flowers start to grow, but it ends up being even better than imagined. As the garden transforms so does your life – maybe it’s through health, seeing a ladybug one day, or just slowing down to live life one moment at a time. This online space is that for me. 

This is a place for my garden of creativity to bloom.


My hopes for the page are that I can express myself without holding back because of worries about being judged. There is a happy medium for me for expressing myself and not feeling like I am oversharing. I value openness and privacy at the same time. It would be nice if the page was read by others but at the end of the day this page is is to promote my own authenticity, as well as develop it further. That being said, I also am excited to see where it is in three months, six months, a year or more. 

What will my garden look like? 


There are multiple things in life that I try to accomplish. The most important is balance. One challenge I anticipate is putting this page on the backburner either because of time or just not sure what to write about. Like I mentioned, I have had this page be many things in the past. Trying to stick to one topic or a niche has always been a challenge. I think the best way to approach not being sure what to write about is simply writing things I feel passionate about, have shaped me, or things I want to help other people with. 

In my garden, I will plant seeds by tossing them in the air and seeing what sprouts.

You Are Invited

I invite you to watch my garden sprout, grow and transform. Do you have a garden? What does it look like? What does it feel like?

(I really like using metaphors and imagery.)