Growing Up Around Parks

I grew up right down the street from the town park. I would ride my bicycle, play hand ball, go on the playground, and sit under the trees.  I didn’t know it then but those would be some of my fondest memories. I would go on day trips on the weekend to visit Rockland Lake, Bear Mountain, and Harriman State Park. If you haven’t ever been to these parks, the things they have in common are water, nature, and the smell of charcoal grills in the summer.  

There was the day that my grandfather rowed the boat around Bear Mountain. There was the time that I made corn husk dolls at the Rockland Lake nature center with my grandmother. There was the visit to the Bear Mountain Trailside Museum with my parents where I was fascinated by the exhibits. These moments happened so long ago but I remember them like they were yesterday. 


Parks and Adulting

My days got busier and parks were deprioritized as I got older. In Florida, I discovered Lettuce Lake Park that had alligators, turtles, and fish, It was different than any park I had been to before in New York. I felt like I had been transported to a different world. The boardwalk there was one that let me walk just right through it all. I rediscovered a part of myself that had been asleep. I found the birds chirping, the trees with their shades of green, and benches that awaited my arrival to watch the beauty of nature. 

Colorado parks are different than New York or Florida parks. I appreciate the differences. I have been intentional in visiting parks with a long-term goal of visiting all of the Colorado State Parks. Each park is a little different. Some even have beaches. I have seen lizards, Bald Eagles, chipmunks, turtles, pronghorn deer, and more! 

I am grateful for parks for both the beauty in them and how I reconnect with myself at them. 


And You?

What is your experience at parks?