Our Fun Pass

Our Fun Pass is a webpage I created after taking a vacation that involved a tent almost blowing into the water, getting lost, car smores, visiting Wyoming on impulse, and a lot of laughs. It is one of the best vacations that I have ever been on. Looking back, there are so many moments that would not have existed had it gone as planned. I am grateful for the adventure, memories, and silliness.

The Idea Behind The Page

It started out as a way to document our adventures with others. It turns out writing about our adventures was not nearly as fun as having them. I’m still behind on writing our experiences on the page. Honestly, at this point, I am not trying to get caught up. I would much rather be having the adventure. 


Changing Direction

The page has turned into more than I had realized it could. I share events that are happening locally in the Denver Metro area. The goal is to encourage others to find their own adventure and give them the tools to do it. Since starting the page, I have focused more on inclusivity, community, and connection.

The page is a work in progress.

The number of times I have considered deleting the page is one less than I have considered why I don’t want to. The page not only has a record of some fun times for me but can help someone. There are so many people out there trying to find fun, cheap, and connection through doing things. 


I try to post one event a day on the page. It doesn’t take too long to do that but does require consistency. I also am sharing one event a day on Facebook. That ends up being 365 posts a year. 

365 events for people to attend.
365 ways for people to connect.
365 times for someone to learn.

And You?

Do you have a project you are working on?