New York

New York

New York holds a special place in my heart. 

It’s not just about the bagels, pizza or iconic places, like Central Park.
It is where I grew up, rode a bicycle to friends houses as a kid, and walked to my favorite park that is basically unknown. I’m grateful for the experience I had in my childhood growing up in New York. There were school trips to the Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, Museum of Natural History NYC and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

Most of my family is still there. Last time, I was there things looked a little different. More houses have been built. People who I cared about greatly were no longer alive to visit. It was a bittersweet visit.

The wonderful part of memories is that they live in your heart forever. I cherish those moments that are gone, those people who are gone, and that version of me that has transformed into who I am now.


And You?

Have you been to New York? What was your experience?