Little Things

When is the last time you went outside looking just to see what you can find? Not looking to get somewhere. Not looking so deep in thought you don’t even remember walking. Just looking around like you are on a limitless scavenger hunt.

I have taken this journey of looking for little things. 

I have found ladybugs, little worms, flowers that almost went overlooked, snails, and tiny fish. The other day I went for a walk after the sun went down. I walked on a street I had I have driven on 100s of times. As I walked along, the light from the street lights hit the street in a way where it looked like a masterpiece waiting to be photographed and printed in a gallery.

The more you look the more you might notice the veins in a leaf making a pattern.
The more you look the more you might notice the numerous tree bark colors.

There is a whole world that often goes underseen.


And You?

Let me know what you see when you go looking for the little things.