The Why

Journaling was introduced to me by my own counselor as a way to express thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is a habit that has been helpful for not only stressful situations but joyful ones – and all the ones in between. I often feel much more grounded after journaling.

Every once in a while, I flip back through the journal and am reminded of events and emotions I had forgotten about. It brings back memories of the day, and the days that surrounded that. It’s easy to get caught up in daily life that the little moments are overshadowed but a journal helps me remember them.


How To Journal

Step One – Get a journal. There are fancy journals online but really any paper will work. I like the spiral notebooks that kids use for school. 

Step Two – Write. The first page of a journal (or sketchbook) can have the pressure of what to write. It’s your journal so you can write anything, anything at all. Maybe you are looking out your window, what do you feel, what do you see, what story can you create from your imagination.

Topics for Journals

Here are a topic ideas for journals:

– Look around. Pick one thing and write about what it means to you, how you got it, or an experience using it.

– Childhood experiences. Pick one experience as a child that you feel shaped you as a person, that you enjoyed, or was difficult for you.

– Person. Pick one person in your life – past, present, or future – write about the gratitude, sadness, anger, or memories with that person.

– Place. Pick one place you have been to, planning on going to soon, or have on your bucket list. Write about the place, history, food, weather, 

Stickers and Stuff

There are many ways to customize your journal. 

Ticket stubs

And You?

Do you journal?