This webpage started out as an idea.
The event-oriented page, Our Fun Pass, started out as an idea.
The career path of becoming a counselor started out as an idea.

I could list 100s of ideas I have had, much like you probably can. The potential that comes along with ideas is why I was excited about writing about the topic of Ideas. I tend to have ideas when it comes to art, photography, writing, ways to help people, and adventures. There’s a place within me that I can see where all of these ideas come together personally and professionally. 

Sometimes there is a fear that comes with trying something new or taking a different path that is unconventional or “different.” I have tried out ideas that were not as successful as I hoped. Every single time though, I have learned something about myself, others, or the world. 


Unsuccessful is Successful?

I hesitate using the words “successful” and “unsuccessful” as I feel they are somewhat subjective. For this list, I will use the word Unsuccessful as a way to describe things that ended in a way that I did not prefer at the time. 

  1. Food truck. This was a partnership that ended up dissolving with factors outside of my control. I’ll probably write more about the food truck at some point because it was a great experience in so many ways, such as learning about networking, putting myself “out there”, and meeting so many amazing people along the way. I have used those skills since then so I don’t think it is unsuccessful as much as it had so much more potential that was never explored.
  2. Work from home webpage. When my youngest child was born, I worked from home and created a work from home webpage. It scored very high in Google keyword searches for certain phrases. This is an idea that I do come back to often. I stopped posting on it because it felt unfulfilling after awhile. I learned how to make webpages, search engine optimization, and gained confidence of creating content for others to read on the Internet. It also lead me to attend a WordPress conference which was nerdy cool.
  3.  Waitressing/hosting. Before I do go too far on this one, I was pretty good at bringing food to peoples tables at breweries when I had a food truck. In my younger days, I had a few positions as a waitress/hostess type position. I tended to get orders wrong or be confused about who got what. To this day, I am amazed by people working within restaurants for the speed they go at, memory, and professionalism. What did I learn? I probably will not be applying for those types of positions again. And that is okay.
  4. Relationships. I have learned a lot about relationships. The “unsuccessful” relationships in my life have many wonderful memories, despite the ending – whatever that reason was. I had an opportunity to learn about myself, as well as challenge some childhood beliefs and patterns along the way. This is why I say that the most important relationship is with yourself and it trickles down to everyone else.


I spent a bit of time on this post trying to think of unsuccessful ideas I have had. I’ve had millions of experiences throughout my life so far. I can’t think of any other things to put on this list. Life is a journey in which I embrace self-compassion and uncertainty.  I was not always this way. I tended to be more anxious, self-judgmental, and worried about doing the “right thing” whatever that was. Most of the things on this list are from over 10 years ago. The change in mindset has my list stopping at four. Not because I’m perfect (definitely not!) but because I accept life as a journey of twists and turns knowing wherever I am is a place to grow.

Ideas For The Future

Coaching. I would like to expand into coaching. Not sports-related coaching. Coaching that helps guide people to their dreams, hopes, and ideas. This is a career path I discovered after starting the counseling degree. There is a benefit of offering both services to clients, for clients as well as myself. There is a difference in coaching and counseling in that coaching is more future-oriented.

Podcast. I almost created a podcast but then I had a pivot (more on that later) in which I had to postpone a lot of things in life. The podcast would have topics such as mindfulness, meditations, and wellness. Ironically enough, the pivot has helped me see how valuable a podcast could be and inspired me to learn more about the podcast world, which I know basically nothing about.

Ideas In Progress

A few months ago, I was in a car accident (this is the pivot) which led to a concussion and whiplash. As a result of the accident I had to limit screentime due to light sensitivity. Prior to the accident, I had spent 10+ hours a day online. This abrupt and difficult change in life impacted me in many ways, including had me questioning who I was without screentime and what my future would hold. It impacted my family, education, career, hobbies, entertainment, and fun. I’m online now but in a much more limited, focused way.

Some personal projects that I started working on as a result of the screentime limitation included:

Bringing a sketchbook with me wherever I go. This is a way to embrace creativity without screentime, journal my life, and improve my art skills. I have noticed that it also helps me be present by looking around to see what I can draw and look at the details of my experience. I sketch quickly and loosely with a pencil.

Learning to play the piano. I had a lot of time on my hands so I decided to fill it out with piano keys. I feel so grounded with the piano through the sound of the music, touch of the keys, and reading of the sheet music. I can play Meant to Be by Bebe Rexha and Perfect by Ed Sheeran. I use the word “play” as describing that I can perform the songs in a way that it at least resembles the songs.

Mini-canvas project. For many years, I wanted to create a wall of mini-canvases with color. During my recovery, I sat on the couch and looked at the blank wall feeling frustrated with life. I decided I was going to do it! I ordered 200 2 inch by 2 inch mini-canvases. My wall is slowly filling up with squares of colors and paintings.

And You?

What ideas do you have?