Atari & Pacman

How old am I? As old as the first Atari. Technically, I think I might be older than the first Atari. Kids nowadays have always had video games in their world. Back in my day, there was no internet, video games were brand new, and we had to get up to change the channel. 

I am old enough to say back in my day. The transformation in technology is remarkable. I enjoy streaming movies, watching YouTube travel videos showing me some other part of the world, and doing video calls with family.

 One popular game on the Atari was Pac-Man. This is still one of my favorite games. I like the challenge of trying to get all the dots before the ghosts get me. Ms. Pac-Man is my second favorite game. I have spent many, many hours playing these games. (You can Google Pac-Man and play it on your phone browser.)


The days of blowing on the cartridge were here. Duck Hunt used something other than a controller to hunt the ducks. The zapper brought about an interactive element that had not been seen before.  Mario Bros brought hitting little blocks to the screen. The 16-pixel tall Mario ran across the screen collecting coins, going down pipelines, and battling Bowser. 

The later released Game Boy was a handheld game that you could take anywhere – and I did. I remember playing Tetris while camping. The little cartridge contained so much entertainment. The screen was not a color screen because that was not available yet. 

The Wii was a family favorite once I had my own kids. The interactive element brought about laughs. Wii Sports was the game we played most often. The little slot for the game fit quarters in it quite perfectly with the exception of getting stuck in there. RIP Wii.


There are many electronic devices in my home including Chromebook, iPad, Windows PC, and Playstation. During my school break, I wanted to game but in a simple, easy way. I didn’t want to have to download mods or DLCs or anything else with an acronym. My gaming requirements included it must have Mario and Pac-Man. I started researching the Nintendo Switch. 

The Nintendo Switch is one I use connected to the TV. I haven’t played it yet without the TV. Mario Kart is a fun game in which I am usually falling off the road. It wasn’t until I played for awhile that someone informed me there was an option to drift. I still forget that it’s there. The Switch is especially fun (and funny) when there are a bunch of us playing. 


And You?

Do you enjoy video games? Why or why not?