Drawing (And Other Art)

Drawing is one of the creative things I do. 

The A to Z list did limit the number of artistic things I could list. I picked D for Drawing because it is one of my go-to activities. I sometimes pull up Pinterest for ideas, reference photo, or YouTube. Every once in a while I decide to take a notebook and just draw what I see when I am out. 

There are many mediums I have experimented with. I have many, many markers, pencils, and paints.

A – Artzea Brush Pens are great to use with water and have a very convenient carrying case. I don’t use mine often anymore because of a preference for others. There is a learning curve with each medium. I decided to focus on the other mediums. This is *not* an affiliate link but does show some of the awesome things you can make with them – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn80FtqPnFnPcXOnkNPn2z-dhcqkCVexX&si=3pz6ACdWVvHbptJk

B – Bob Ross often talked about having no mistakes but happy accidents. This quote has come in handy when arting. I am a firm believer there are no mistakes in art, just a change in the art. Most people are taught not to color outside the lines. I encourage it in art – and life.

C – Canvas is where the art happens for acrylic. I do have many canvas metaphors. Life is like a canvas. If you don’t like something, you can add another layer to change the picture. Art on canvas is never truly finished. It can always be adjusted. There is also no rush. 

D – Drawing.

I – Images with Camera.

P – Prismacolor Pencils

M – Manga.

N – Numbers, Paint-By-Number. These are challenging for me. My glasses help me see the tiny numbers but when there are many different colors in a small space I get frustrated. 

S – Sharpie were the only medium I used for a long time. I have stepped back from Sharpies due to the smell. I do like the color choices and brightness of them.

T – Tom Bow Markers. These water-based markers are great for watercolor on the go. I take a plastic sheet, rub the marker on it and then add water. I really like the way these markers feel when coloring. It’s a little hard to explain but there is a smoothness to them.

W – Watercolors. 

Do you want to see some of the art? Visit Instagram @MarieBock1 to check it out.

And You?

Do you have a hobby that is creative?