Colorado is more than a geographic area to me.

It is a place where I made a brave decision.
It is a moment of transitions.
It is a way of living.

I hesitate to write this post today. I am not having an “I Love Colorado Day.” I’m going to take a moment here to acknowledge my viewpoint and emotions. The volume of people moving here, cost of living, and distance from people I miss is creating a bit of a “I Hate Colorado Day” for me today. It happens. 

It is part of the journey of life. Speaking of journey, it took many, many moments to get to this one. Some of these moments were full of sadness, happiness, fear, worry, and awe. I am grateful for all the moments. 

Brave Decision

The story of how I got here would be long because I wasn’t here for the first 32 years of my life. I’m going to skip ahead a little with a short abridged version.

We had a choice of staying in Florida. It was one of those moments where there is a fork in the road. Stay the same – or take a chance, opportunity, or risk. Those three words are similar, almost the same. The difference might be perspective.

We chose opportunity. After months of researching Colorado, we loaded our things into a POD, put the cars on a transporter, and boarded a plane with two cats and one young child. This decision right here was one that felt brave. Looking back, it feels even braver and perhaps a little bonkers.

We arrived at night in the snow. There was no winter gear with us so we hurried to the rental car, got the cats, and headed to Colorado Springs where the apartment awaited. We slept on the floor The next morning we headed back towards Denver in the daylight. It was the first time I had seen mountains off in the distance. Beautiful! 

Moment of Transitions

The first year was challenging. Statistically speaking, the relationship I was in wouldn’t make it – and it didn’t. There was one move across the country, one death in the family, and one new life joining the world. The only thing that was planned was the move. 

Looking back, there isn’t any way the impact of the changes could have been predicted. The combination of them was like a tornado of instability. 

The thing about transitions is you can look back at them and think that maybe there would have been a different outcome with a different decision – like what if I had taken the other path? I think the same outcome would have probably happened but just in a different place. 

Way of Living

There are a few things you may not know about Colorado if you don’t live here. These are things that I did not know about before moving here.

The snow melts fast. In New York, it would take days and weeks for all the snow to melt at times. Here you can often wear a T-shirt and shorts the next day because it is much warmer and the snow melts. This is great for days you want to go outdoors and not march through the snow.

The hail can be big, and damaging. Colorado is the most hail prone state. This has created some fun moments like my kids outside trying to “battle” the hail with their swords. It has also created moments of fear driving while it is hailing out hoping my car window is not cracked.

Denver is not in the mountains. The Mile High City at 5,280 feet is high in elevation. The Rocky Mountains are off in the distance but Denver is flat like a pancake. There are hills but nothing too steep or eventful. The mountains are used as a compass. If you are lost, the mountains are to the west

And You?

How did you get to where you are?