Adventuring for me goes like this: Let’s go! Where? Anywhere.

It might be down a side road, taking a new trail, or a new place. This adventuring attitude took me to Wyoming, New York, and a bunch of states in between. It has given me a chance to visit places that otherwise might have gone overlooked like the Molly Brown House in Denver. 

Adventuring is a mindset. Adventures are everywhere.

It might to a grocery store where you meet a kind stranger, finding some new place by making a wrong turn, or laughing with someone you know about something that no one else would probably find funny.

What Adventures Are For Me

Adventures are doing something new, trying something different, and seeing something I haven’t seen before. I can go to the same place many times yet still have an adventure. Sometimes I bring someone with me who had not done this adventure before. Sometimes I go at a different time of day. Sometimes it’s just me that has changed in someway and it is like seeing things in a whole new light.


I truly value the memories I make while adventuring. I enjoy being able to look back at a moment and remembering where I was, what it felt like, and how the experience shaped me – or I shaped the experience. It’s like being teleported to an emotional snapshot that cannot ever be recreated in exactly the same way again. I often invite someone to go with me adventuring knowing that co-creating memories with other people create connection, conversation, and comfort.


The special people in my life are a big part of adventuring. I laugh harder, smile more, and feel more when I am with them. I do have some go-to things I do with people on a regular basis. The thing that makes adventuring so awesome is who they are as a person, spending time with them, and the way we connect to one another. These moments I would not trade for anything in the universe.


How would I even rate these adventures to a list of Top 5, Top 10, or Top 20? I thought about this for awhile. I don’t think I can. There were so many times, people, places, and emotions that came to mind just writing this. The more I think about it the more “stories” come to mind. People are such a large part of my experiences. They might be people I meet for a few seconds or people I have known my whole life. 


And You?

What does adventuring mean to you?