A to Z

This is my creative About Page.

Each letter describes me in a way. Each letter gives me an opportunity to explore, reflect, and create .


Adventuring. I enjoy taking adventures by going down a random road I haven’t been down before. My most recent and challenging adventure was taking a last minute road trip to New York. So many amazing memories!


Being.  For so many years, I was a human-doing focused on doing the current thing and whatever the next thing was. I created My Being Counseling which offers mental health services that promote Being, wellness, and connection.


Colorado. I have lived in Colorado for about 14 years.  As a kid, I watched Bob Ross paint mountains and “happy little trees.” One of my favorite parts of Colorado is how the mountains are in the distance full of life that cannot be seen from afar.


Drawing. I draw, color, and paint as a form of expression, self-care, and relaxation. Right now, I’m focusing on a paint-by-number and coloring with Tombow markers. Art allows me to express myself when there are no words that would fit.


Education. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Educational Studies, Master’s of Clinical Mental Health Counseling (in progress), and Sexuality-Related Certificates (in progress).


Florida. Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa, Florida is one of the most memorable parks I have been to. I loved the park so much I even got married there! There are alligators, boardwalks, squirrels, and turtles.


Gaming. It took me awhile to figure out Minecraft. I am not a gamer outside of Pac-Man, Mario-Kart and Minecraft. I have now placed 100s of torches on my island while creating in-game beauty and keeping the Zombies away. The game also helps me connect with children in my family.


Human Rights. I educate myself about and advocate for human rights. The United Nations defines human rights as rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, religion or any other status. 


Ideas. I’m not sure I would have put Ideas for the letter I if I did not just learn about International Ideas Month for March. I do create a lot of ideas on my own but often times I see or learn something that inspires…. which creates more ideas.


Journaling. This is one of my newer habits in the last few years. I journal thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions – anything really. Sometimes there’s sketches or doodles. Where I start when I am journaling is not usually where I end up.  


Kitchen. The kitchen is used for muffins, pizza, and chicken. More often though, the kitchen is used as a place of silliness, conversations, and dancing. The kitchen is where I watch and feel life one moment at a time.


Little Things. I sometimes go out on a “little things” search. I find little flowers with ladybugs that I might have other wise walked by. It’s easy to see the big things. The little things take intentionality but they are there. They are always there.


Mindfulness. About five years ago I had my first introduction into mindfulness. It is now a large part of my day. I integrate it whenever possible (and remembered) into my day, teach mindfulness, and promote the benefits of it.  


New York. Grew up in New York which is where some of my favorite people are still. I miss them, but not the cold endless gray winters. I have moved from New York twice. I don’t think moving back is happening but it is nice to visit.


Our Fun Pass. OurFunPass.com is a webpage that I created after being inspired by a trip that had a lot of figurative and literal detours. The goal is to inspire others to explore their local area, connect with others, and have fun! The page is not updated as often as it used to be.


Parks. State, regional, and local parks are where I often go to connect with nature. You might find me sitting on a bench listening to the leaves move in the wind. I’m slowly moving my way through visiting all of the Colorado State Parks.


Quotes. The internet has an abundance of quotes. My favorite quotes are around nature, gratitude, and kindness. One quote I want to share is by Gary Snyder – “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” 


Rainbow. For me, rainbows hold a symbolic meaning of hope, surprise, and wonder. “Rainbows remind us that even after the darkest clouds and the fiercest winds there is still beauty.” – Mayer


Saltwater. In high school, there was a marine science club. Best club and teacher ever! In the past, I have had saltwater aquariums with clownfish and anemones. My current saltwater hobby is on hold. I currently enjoy watching fish on YouTube.


Tiny Homes. The tiny home lifestyle is one that interests me. It would not be ideal right not for many, many reasons including zoning ordinances. One of my mental happy places is a tiny house in a forest next to a stream.


University. A total of 20 years of schooling, including preschool. As much as I have learned in school, I think I have learned an equal amount if not more outside of school. “Life is one of the best teachers, if you are willing to be a student.” – Me


Vulnerability. Sharing these aspects of myself online feels vulnerable. Brene Brown wrote “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness”


WordPress. Many, many years ago, I started a work from home blog to share legit work from home job leads. That specific webpage doesn’t exist anymore, but I have used and developed the skills to create this page – and others. 


Xylophone. Outdoor musical parks with xylophones are a unique combination of nature, music, and creativity. They are great for all ages. Not sure what an outdoor musical park is? Check this out. Not an affiliate link, just a fan of xylophones.


Yoga.  One day I discovered Yoga – and the fact that I had not taken up that much physical space in a long time. I appreciate the stretching, both mentally and physically, that yoga offers. Yoga brings my mind and body together.


Zest. This is one of those words that seems fun to say – at least for me. It means energy and great enthusiasm. It seemed like a great way to close out the list being that the things on the A to Z list are things that promote my zest.