This is a space for me to express myself. 

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My Personal Page

My Personal Page This is my personal page where I express my thoughts, emotions, and ideas. I have many roles in life one of them is as a counselor. It

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Human Rights

Human Rights Human Rights Human rights is a topic that comes up often in conversation, media, and social media. When writing this post, I spent some time thinking about how

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Gaming Atari & Pacman How old am I? As old as the first Atari. Technically, I think I might be older than the first Atari. Kids nowadays have always had video

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Florida Florida has alligators, turtles, frogs, lizards, Lettuce Lake Park, Disney, Fort De Soto Beach, manatees – and a little piece of my heart. I haven’t been there in a

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Education The journey through my education has been one that has not been a clear path. I do believe that each step through life, challenges, and knowledge has lead me

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Drawing (And Other Art) Drawing is one of the creative things I do.  The A to Z list did limit the number of artistic things I could list. I picked

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